December 13, 2013

New LinkedIn Groups - What You Need To Know

LinkedIn Groups FINALLY Get A New Look!

Enjoy the below article from  SteamFeed  They have done a great job breaking out the new features of the new LinkedIn groups. Comment below if you have any questions or you can get a free consultation from me on Google Helpouts LinkedIn Expert

LinkedIn announced its new look today in its blog: 

You will notice the new Group Pages look very similar to LinkedIn Company and University Pages. And it’s about time! The look itself is much more visually appealing – more newsletter-like than the previous Group UI (user interface).  With over 2 million LinkedIn Groups created, these new communities (notice LinkedIn uses the same word as Google+ now) will hopefully invigorate LinkedIn members group activity.
New Header (“Hero Image”)
The thing that really stands out with the new groups of course is the new header. If you have your own group simply click on Manage / Group Information and then add your new 646 x 200 pixel hero image. Everything else is pretty much the same

Easier to Read Conversations

The embedded conversations are easier to read and look much more like comments and responses you would find on any social media site in the world
Promotions, Jobs and Search Tab
The Promotions tab remains the same, as does the Jobs tab.
The search tab looks a little easier allowing you to search for:
  • Latest Activity
  • All Discussions
  • All Polls
  • Discussions You’ve Started
  • Discussions You’ve Joined
  • Discussions You’re Following
And then for managers – the ability to set Manager’s Choice Order and the ability to check Pending Submissions
Members Tab (Member Search)
At first I was little concerned that the Members tab was gone – but if you click on the members link on the top right side of the new page it takes you to the same member search. And it looks like you can still send a message or invite non-first level connections to connect.

“More” (Information) Tab

It appears they might have gotten rid of statistics as the “more “tab is gone. But have no fear – if you click on the little “I” link on the top right hand side of your group page, you can get all kinds of information about when the group was created, how many members there are, who the owner is, as well as the group profile, the group rules, and groups statistics.


This is also where you will go to change your settings! One of the things I like is that you can now easily leave the group just by clicking on the “Member” button (as opposed to the member link which takes you to the member search.)
According to LinkedIn’s blog:
LinkedIn Groups, one of our most popular products on LinkedIn, is getting a major redesign with a beautiful new look and feel. There have been over 2 million groups created around almost every topic Imaginable.. These communities have become places where our members are exchanging and sharing their experiences, business knowledge, interesting ideas with other like-minded professionals daily…. As part of our ongoing efforts to make LinkedIn easier and simpler to use, we brought a new streamlined look that will give group managers and group members the ability to customize and visually differentiate their conversation space

Coming Soon To A LinkedIn Account Near You (If You Speak English)

LinkedIn has rolled out the new groups look too it’s English-speaking members and will roll out to the rest of its membership “soon”
So if you’re in the US or in an English-speaking country jump on over to your groups today and check them out :-) I think you like the new look. I do. Please let me know your opinion in discussions below
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