January 15, 2013

Fwd: Know Your Target Audience

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My PR Tools Marketing Tip of the Month


This month I want to talk about how important it is to understand your target market because, honestly, all your target clients really care about is the problems that you solve for them.



Want to Grab Their Attention?
Get a Clear Profile of Your Target Audience  

Who are you trying to target with your marketing campaign? You need a clear profile of your target audiences to create compelling marketing messages that will grab their attention.  


Defining your audience   

It's  more than just  your target clients. Here's a suggested list of possible audiences for your marketing efforts: 

    • Current clients      
    • Potential clients    
    • Business partners   
    • Referral sources     
    • Business, civic, and professional associations   

Understanding them


It's crucial to understand the priorities and  concerns of your key audiences in order to successfully position your services to match up with their needs. A simple way to gain this valuable insight is by conducting a series of informal interviews with existing clients, business partners and referral sources.  Suggested questions: 


1.    What services do we provide? (You may be surprised to learn how little some  people know about your full complement of services.)
2.    What are the key problems that we solve for you?
3.    What do you value most about us?
4.    Who is our main competition?
5.    How do we stand out among similar companies?  


A survey like this will uncover what is most important to your clients and what they value most about your company. It can also highlight which services you may need to put more effort into promoting. Gathering this information is a crucial first step for any business in developing a successful marketing campaign.  


There are many communication tools you can use to keep you top of mind as an expert in your field. Feel free to give me a call at 310.546.2926 for a complimentary strategy session. I'll be happy to show you how to take your business to the next level with affordable marketing strategies that hit the sweet spot with your target clients. And for more marketing and PR tips , please visit my blog.

To your success, 


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