September 08, 2012

Announcement From The LinkedIn Blog
LinkedIn Gives A New Look and Feel To Company Pages
posted on September 7, 2012

Have you updated your LinkedIn company page, yet?

LinkedIn is busy these days. They are almost the anti-Facebook, quietly growing and morphing as their stock climbs. I don't know the fundamentals behind their stock but their turn from privately held to publicly traded company has been a much more pleasant ride than their social cousins at Facebook.
Yesterday was a day of announcements for the service. First was the real-time update feature addition and the updating of their mobile apps. Why stop there though? They also updated their company pages. Here is a look-see.

Looks nice but what do they do? The LinkedIn blog tells us.
For members:
  • The new streamlined design makes it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for, whether it's company news and information, career opportunities, products and services, or insights.
  • Company updates are front and center, enabling you to quickly comment, like, or share relevant company updates with your professional network.
  • Company Pages is now available on our iPhone, Android and iPad apps, so you can stay connected to companies you care about, wherever you are.
  • All of this means it's now easier for you to find, follow and engage with companies you're interested in.
For companies:
  • We know a picture is worth a thousand words, so we've provided companies with the ability to easily add an image that best represents their company and brand. Like the photo on a member's profile, this image helps companies establish their identity on LinkedIn.
  • We've made the update stream more relevant for members, which means companies are able to share status updates and job opportunities with the right members on LinkedIn.
  • With a more prominent navigation experience, companies can now easily showcase their company's products, services and career opportunities to members visiting their Company Page.
  • For select companies, such as American Express, Unilever, Expedia, we've also started to offer a more compelling and visual way for them to showcase their employer brand through the Career Pages section of Company Pages. We believe this new look and feel makes it easier for companies to tell their employer story and make the job hunt process more personalized for job seekers.
I have said this on several occasions but I under utilize LinkedIn. I suspect I am not alone. How do you use it? Are these changes good for you as a business and personal user of LinkedIn?

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