March 13, 2012

Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Caffeine #540 ~ Now is the Time for You to WRITE

Break Down Barriers to the Sale
Jeffrey Gitomer Write

Now is the Time for You to WRITE

Jeffrey Gitomer

More than a celebration of achievement, I am celebrating the MILESTONE of my 1,000th weekly column. Milestones are NOT goals, they're journeys. Mine started on March 22, 1992.

HERE'S THE SECRET: There is no secret. Pull back the green curtain and there's me on my MacBook Pro, feebly keyboarding along and multitasking all the while.

Last week I wrote about the journey. This week it's more meat and potatoes about how to, and how you, write.

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Here are my top 10.5 philosophies and strategies for writing:

1. Love what you're writing about. I'm passionate about my subjects of expertise. The more passionate you are, the better writer you will be.

2. Have a world-class expertise about what you're writing about. Your life experiences will dictate the depth of your writing capability - the more, the deeper.

3. Create a voice in your writing, and make it your own. Create a personality within your writing that's both attractive and consistent. A voice that's appealing for others to read.

4. Write like you speak. If you write like you speak, you'll never have a minute of writer's block.

5. Make writing a discipline in your life. Make appointments to write. I have a Friday deadline. I've had one for 20 years. If you create a deadline and never miss it, your body of work will automatically appear, and grow steadily.


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Break Down Barriers to Make the Sale


Dan Jourdan Take out the Trash

I Told You So

Dan Jourdan, Gitomer Certified Speaker

Well, I forgot to take the garbage out this week…again. Forgot may not be the best word to use. I thought about taking it out on Thursday night for the Friday pick up, but it just didn't happen. I probably thought that I would do it in the morning. After all, I did have to leave the house and surely I would see what needed to be done and just do it – but it just didn't happen.

Not only do I have to deal with the "I told you so" from my lovely wife, but even worse, I have to deal with the actual garbage that will hang around, stink up the place, get in my way, and remind me of what a lazy person I am for the entire week.

I bet you have some junk hanging around your work environment too.

In your lifetime, you probably have had some file cabinets that are so packed that you have a hard time opening the drawers, a desk where you can't even see the workspace anymore, and a computer that is running out of memory, causing it to be painfully slow.

You may even have old customers hanging around your neck who are taking most of your time. You can never seem to please them; they have not made you a profit in years, but still you can't seem to cut them loose.

Here's the challenge you are facing: This clutter in your world is preventing you from your potential. This "holding on to anything" is keeping you from having everything.

Having so much garbage around harms you by:

Distracting you. It is hard to focus on the task at hand when there are fifty half-completed ones sitting right in front of you on your desk.

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Andy Horner, Ace of Sales Are you smarter at selling?

Are You Smarter at Selling Than a Missionary?

Andy Horner, Ace of Sales

Last year, our church hosted a missionary who was seeking financial support to go to Africa. He had five minutes to address the congregation. I expected a bad PowerPoint. Instead, he unrolled two paper printouts. One extended down the main aisle to the back of the auditorium. The other barely dangled off the stage.

He said, "The long list is the known languages of the world. The short one is a list of those languages with a Bible translation." The crowd was shocked. "Who would like to see these lists closer to the same size?" Every hand was in the air. "I'm a Bible translator. With your support, it can happen. Find me afterwards and I'll tell you how." He was swamped.

The missionary used a powerful illustration to focus the crowd's attention, communicate profound understanding in an instant, and hook them emotionally. The "sale" was made in minutes without a PowerPoint, lengthy pitch, or wordy brochure.

When was the last time customers swamped you?

Where's your powerful evidence that speaks for you?

How do you emotionally hook your audience?

What concrete example or visual can you create to motivate prospects to partner with you?

Get started by watching my visual and idea rich webinar, "If You Want to Sell, Show, Don't Tell". Have paper and a pen handy. You'll want to take notes.

If You Want to Sell, Show, Don't Tell
Watch it now

Have a powerful visual or demonstration you use?
Tell me about it here.

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Deal of the Week


Break Down Barriers to Make the Sale!


Caffeine Buzz

"The biggest barrier to a sale is the unspoken risk that a prospect perceives."

~Jeffrey Gitomer
The Little Red Book
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I Spy Something Gitomer
Have I told you lately that I read you?

Have I Told You Lately... that I Read You!?

~Chris Djcrackerjack Roland

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Ask Jeffrey


I'll be conducting a national sales meeting for my 8 direct reports in my first week on the job as a National Sales Manager. Any advice on what to say to the troops to empower them to embrace the change of manager, yet instill confidence and




The only way you're going to get buy in is if they like you and respect you. The only way you're going to get them to like you and respect you is if you go with them on sales calls. As you kick off the meeting tell them that your game plan is to go with them two days a month and for them to set calls with your toughest customers. Tell them your goal is not to evaluate, or critique, their sales call, rather your goal is to put money in their pocket by helping them close deals. If they're not happy with that you're in the wrong company.

Best regards,

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One Social Media Tip of the Week

Forget What You Learned About Target Marketing and Start Building Reach

In social media, it's about more than "targeting your market." You have two markets, your target market and your referral market - those who will refer others to you or your company. Focus on building reach. Here are five questions for better reach building:

1. Who influences my target audience?

2. Who does my target audience influence?

3. Who are the influencers online in my industry?

4. What industries are related to my target audience?

These questions will help you uncover new audiences related to your target audience that should be considered for marketing and reach building efforts.

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