August 29, 2011

How To Add Video To Your LinkedIn Profile

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Would you want to feature a video as part of your own LinkedIn profile? In today’s post, I go over some competitive advantages to doing so, along with a video tutorial and step-by-step instructions on how to embed a video inside your own LinkedIn profile page, using both Google Docs and YouTube. And finally, I share some ideas on how I think LinkedIn could make the video experience a whole lot better for business.

WHY Feature Video on Your LinkedIn Profile Page?
We’ve uncovered a lot of evidence to show that video is fast becoming an expectation for prospective business.

There are a number of great reasons why to incorporate video in your LinkedIn profile:
  • Video makes you stand out from the rest of the job-seeking crowd. It’s multi-sensory and dynamic, unlike much of the static text dominating most LinkedInProfiles
  • Video is much better suited to showing off your personality.
  • Video allows you to feature multiple things. You can combine various elements from all the other sections on your LinkedIn profile, and put those together in a single video. You can include your own intro, other people’s testimonials, clips of where you’ve been and what you’ve done, just to name a few.
  • Video allows you to feature NEW things – remember that it works much better for your audience if you’re not just talking about yourself, such as your skills and previous experience (people get bored with that quickly). It lets you feature something that your target audience would especially like to learn about or be exposed to that you have some special relation with yourself.
Step-by-step: How to Add Video to a Profile

To demonstrate, I used my own LinkedIn profile.

Screenshot of the Google Presentation page on LinkedIn. This is where you can select or create your presentation to upload and embed into your LinkedIn Profile page.

1. Go to the LinkedIn masthead. On the “Profile” tab, select “Edit Profile.”
2. Scroll down the page until you reach the “Applications” field. From there, click on the link on the right that says “Add an application.” You will be taken to LinkedIn’s Applications page.
3. Select the application titled, “Google Presentation.” Install the application.
4. Once you have this installed, click the link “Go to application.” You will be taken to the Google Presentation page on LinkedIn.
5. Either select the “Create a presentation” button, or select an existing presentation made in your Google Docs account.
6. If you select “Create a Presentation,” you will be taken to the Google docs site and a blank, untitled presentation will appear. Go to the masthead, click the “Insert” tab, and select “Video.” A screen will pop up that let’s you do search for videos in the entire YouTube library.
7. Do a keyword search, and you will see the top videos appearing for that search just like for the video of your choice like they would appear in YouTube. (I recommend to make it easy to find a video of your own to select from, create a custom tag that brings up very few search results if any, so yours will be easy to spot if you do have to scroll down at all. )
8. So once I click on my video with my pointer tool, I then go to the bottom of the page and hit the “select video” button.
You will be back to the original slide in your Google docs presentation, and now an image of the YouTube video now will appear in that slide. By default, the video appears in the center of the slide, and at a rather small size. You will want to expand this selection to the full canvas space so it takes up the maximum viewing space in the Google Docs video player in your LinkedIn page.
10.When you have set up the video on your slide, click the “Share” button at the top and select “Publish/Embed.” (If it’s your first time you’re publishing a presentation, you may need to also click the “publish document” button. This is so that Google docs can give your presentation a unique URL.)
11.You’ll see in the “Presentation Player” box that you have the option of doing automated play of your slideshow as soon as the player loads. I recommend against doing this for two reasons: One, because a lot of people will find it annoying to have a video automatically play on them, and 2) Because these videos are not typically “above the fold” on your LinkedIn page, they may start playing without anyone actually getting a chance to see it play from the beginning. So my advice is to leave these boxes blank.
Click “Save” for any final revisions you may wish to make. Now you’re done! Everyone can watch the presentation on your own LinkedIn profile.

  • Better page placement – allow the video to be featured prominently above-the-fold. Currently, there’s no way to showcase any embedded video other than in the Applications section and Slideshare sections, which are at or near the bottom of the page layout and out of initial sight.
  • Direct embed – have a feature where I can just submit a video directly to LinkedIn, without having to go through the multiple step process of first setting up a presentation on Google Docs or SlideShare.
  • Our own video channels – just like I can already do this with my Facebook page. LinkedIn may not yet have the means of being a hosted video solution (even though I very much would like to see that happen), but they could at least let me sync my videos from my own YouTube channel, rather than having to embed a YouTube video into Google Docs or SlideShare
  • Embedded videos that play in your LinkedIn posts – again, this is something you can already do on your own Facebook Wall, and also when you wish to share a video with other members on the site.
  • Hyperlinks inside the video – the hyperlinks in a YouTube video don’t appear to function when brought over into Google Docs or Slideshare. While technically you can add hyperlinks inside the Google Docs application, they appear as standard hypertext and look very ugly when putting into the actual presentation. It would be much more aesthetic and functional to let the user keep and apply their own links to “hotspots” on the video themselves, free of inserting ugly text copy over it.
  • Shared videos – allow us to be able to feature videos we like on other LinkedIn pages with other members. This shows our business connection to each other, and something we may have partnered on together, or been featured together doing.
  • Video “tab” – again, like Facebook, I would like to have the choice for people to go directly to a video page in my profile, which could play a larger-screen video for them. (I would also like to have my video tab be my default landing page for people, like I can already do with Facebook.)
  • Would I be willing to pay for these features? You betcha. I personally would be willing to pay any these features as part of a separate LinkedIn offering, or included in any of their premium accounts (Business Plus or Executive). While SlideShare does have its own premium account packages for multiple videos, I’m looking for LinkedIn to take the lead and offer something that’s substantive – easy setup an prominent placement.
What Would you Like to See Linkedin do with Video?
Do you think video on LinkedIn is helpful and gives an advantage, or not? Is LinkedIn’s existing video features good as-is? What would you propose to make them better? Would you pay for it? I’m interested to hear your own responses, which you can enter in our comments area below for everyone to read and share.

Source: Tutorial: How-to Add/Embed Video On A LinkedIn Profile Page
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