May 09, 2011

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Why Sales People Go from Wanting to Move Mountains to Hoping to Meet Quota

What changes their mindset hurts your bottom line!

Increase Interest, Increase Demand, Increase Sales

Webinar on May 24, 2011
Prospecting in a Negative Economy

Overcome Call Reluctance and the Negative Impact of Ineffective Traditional Prospecting

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Are you getting the results you deserve from your prospecting efforts? Attend this powerful, information-packed, online session for valuable information on how you can be one of those success stories who effectively penetrate new accounts and grow their businesses during challenging times.


  • The major mistakes most sales people make when prospecting that results in lost opportunities and the downward spiral of call reluctance.
  • Key techniques to break through the gatekeeper and get straight to the decision-maker.
  • A unique approach that cuts through the ineffective and time consuming bonding to establish rapport with prospects that leads to appointments.
  • Critical communication strategies to use during the prospecting phase that will aid you in controlling the rest of the sales process.
  • How several facets of traditional prospecting ultimately erect a wall between you and the listener.
  • Effective strategies to use with warm leads that will set you apart from the competition in the mind of the prospect.
  • The key techniques to use during the first thirty seconds of your call to effectively engage your prospect.
  • The key techniques to use during the last thirty seconds of your call to get your prospect emotionally vested in meeting with you.

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When hiring new sales people, management often misconstrues their optimism and initial burst of energy as a key indicator for future success. This new recruit often inspires such confidence that management falls into a comfort zone with regard to adherence to measurable performance standards. They breath a sigh of relief thinking, "finally, someone who may actually produce!" How many times have you experienced this sensation over a new hire only to be disappointed down the road? What happened?


1. Using the Resume as a Deciding factor in Hiring the Candidate

A resume is simply a compilation of features, benefits and attributes. The resume does not identify the candidate's weaknesses that inevitably surface on the job--at your expense! For example, a resume will not disclose that:

  • The quotas met were successively revised downwards on a quarterly basis when management concluded initial expectations would not be met,
  • The impressive revenue number disclosed was a result of managing another sales person's sold accounts, or
  • Initial optimism turns to negativity when management starts holding him/her accountable for low production

2. Relying on your Gut Instinct when Hiring the Sales Candidate.

Quite often we make a decision to hire someone because we think we like them based on our gut reaction to their communication method. However, this appeal is not because you like them, but because you are like them, resulting in a sales team with similar strengths and weaknesses.

3. Relying Solely on Product Knowledge Training

aCompanies invest heavily in converting their sales teams into product knowledge experts . So the new hire becomes an expert about:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • And what you have done for others

But they fail to develop expertise in why the prospect will buy! Do you remember the last time you made a substantial purchase. Did you buy for the sales person's reason or did you buy for your reasons?

Visit learn more on how product knowledge training can be counter productive.

4. The Final Straw: Sales Stimuli

Once you have armed them with their intellectual weapons known as Features and Benefits, you send them out into the field. It is at this point that something crucial happens. It happens to all sales people everyday—they hit a wall! Each and every one of them are subjected to a bombardment of Sales Stimuli. Sales Stimuli are the obstacles, objections, lies, excuses and reasons prospects give for not buying!

As such sales people form a reality about their product and their prospects that has them developing a survival technique that dictates how they respond, react and defend themselves in each negative buying situation.

This is the start of the downward spiral. When sales people become reactive, they are not proactive in their business development approach. . As such their self-esteem is depleted, their level of expectation drops, management perceives a decline in productivity and suffers a sharp drop in production. So although the sales person starts the job looking to move mountains within a few months they find themselves reacting to simply meet their quota!

To learn how to overcome this and other sales obstacles visit:

Unfortunately, management often exacerbates this condition with their proactive management techniques that are so successful in other areas of the company. When sales are flat or they decline, it creates an extreme condition within the company that subsequently creates extreme behavior within management. So the business owner or sales manager becomes extreme in their own behavior. They go after the sales people pushing them to invest more time and energy into making contact with prospects. However, when the sales person engages in the extreme behavior he is subjected to more of the negative sales stimuli therefore increasing the rate of the downward cycle resulting in faster turnover. The key to unlocking this dilemma is handling the root cause of the problem to prevent the metamorphosis from taking place.

To learn more about the root cause of sales problems and how to overcome them visit:

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