March 28, 2011

LinkedIn Infographic - Congratulations LinkedIn

LinkedIn Infographic - Have you been ignoring LinkedIn? Hope not. These are some incredible stats.

A couple of days ago, LinkedIn announced a rather significant milestone: 100 million members. To quote the blog post announcing it, “We’re now growing at roughly one million new LinkedIn members every week, the equivalent of a professional joining the site at faster than one member per second.” Those are some incredible stats. Congratulations LinkedIn and thank you for doing great things. View our LinkedIn profile.
At 100 million members, as a social network, LinkedIn is simply too big not include in your B2B social media marketing strategy.

Whether it be growing your connections, participating in groups, starting a group, responding to Questions, or going a step further and extending your website to use their API, LinkedIn should have a place in your B2B social media strategy. Sign up today or activite your profile today. LinkedIn should be your #1 money makers. It can taked your B2B or B2C referral based, word of mouth business to the next level. Open up the funnel and close more business using LinkedIn. View this LinkedIn Infographic - It says it all.

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LinkedIn Inforgraphic!
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