March 01, 2011

LinkedIn Enhances Company Searches

If you've searched for company details, former colleagues, or had wanted more information from industry experts, you've probably signed up for LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a huge network for business professionals who wish to stay connected with other people within the industry, and establish their professional identity online.

Recently, LinkedIn announced an exciting improvement they made on the system through Company Searches. Normally, you search for a company based on location, industry, and size. Now, you will have the ability to also conduct a search for companies by how you are connected!

This is really great news, especially for those looking for a job, as it allows you to get personalized results. Using the company search also takes into consideration the keywords used in your search, any filters you have applied, and your overall connection strength to that company.

LinkedIn's innovation on Company Searches is so sophisticated that it can also look across the words used in company descriptions and profiles. You can also make use of additional filters for your search, like choosing only firms hiring on LinkedIn, your target companies, and come up with their available jobs.

These changes in LinkedIn's system not only makes connection searches easier, it also helps you make more specific choices, to get the results you're looking for.

Do check out LinkedIn's blog for more updates.

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