March 29, 2011

LinkedIn Answers and LinkedIn Questions

Online Visibility Tip – Use LinkedIn to Share Your Expertise

This is a blog post and video from Denise Wakeman!

It's no secret that LinkedIn is the largest business to business (B2B) online networking site (they recently surpassed 100,000,000 million members). As a business owner, it's a good idea to set up a profile and boost your visibility so you're in front of your ideal target market.

My favorite feature on LinkedIn is Answers. In this 4 minute video I share why I think using the Answers section is a powerful tactic for creating visibility. [Can't see the video? Click here.]

Tip #1: Set up RSS feeds for the Answer categories you want to watch and add them to your feed reader. Check them daily to get first crack at answering questions in your industry. The first few answers get the most visibility.

Are we connected on LinkedIn? If not, I invite you to connect with me there.

Tip #2: When you send an invitation, include a note letting me know you saw this post and that's why you're connecting. Invites with notes (beyond the generic "I want to add you to my professional network") get more attention and faster acceptance.

Tip #3: I mentioned in the video that I use the Answers feature for research. Periodically I'll pose a question and then compile the best answers into a post showcasing tips from many experts. An example is my article on The 5 Pillars of Business Blogging Success. When you feature and link to your colleagues and experts, you position yourself as a go-to resource and filter for your audience. And, you get the added benefit of connecting with others in your industry. (Bonus tip: always thank each person for their contribution/answer to your question. They took the time to share their expertise and deserve to be acknowledged even if you don't use their response.)

Do you have a visibility tip for using LinkedIn? I love hearing your ideas about how to use social networking tools.

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