November 27, 2010

October 2010 Newsletter

This is the latest edition of the Inside Edge--your monthly report on Internet trends and advancements that can turn your business into a more profitable business!

October 2010 Newsletter


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1) Google Resume

2) Blogging
3) Digitization of Business 



What does your 'Google Resume' say about you!

Online Credibility and Trustworthiness

Take a moment and think about your last purchases. You may have bought a car, booked a vacation, hired a plumber or carpet cleaner, or perhaps you bought concert tickets. As you went through the purchase process, did you have positive interactions or negative interactions? As you were ready to complete that purchase,  did you think about the trustworthiness of that individual and company?

Credibility is something that happens with every interaction throughout your entire day, every day. Sometimes it happened
Google Resumesubconsciously, other times; we take action by doing research on the internet or talking with others. For you as an individual, an employee, or business owner it is important to be credible and trustworthy especially if you want people to buy from you and/or if you want to influence others.  Read Article!


Blogging To Build A Reputation

By using a blog, you have the ability to post your thoughts and share what's important to you, what you know, experiences you've had, etc. without having to be a "webmaster" or HTML expert. Whether you're a self-employed entrepreneur looking to establish yourself as the "expert" in a particular niche, or you're part of a large corporate team interested in enhancing the company's image in the public eye, a blog can be one of the best platforms to share your stream of consciousness. Read Article, Including 9 Interesting Blogging Statistics

Learn Blogging Insights and Power Techniques - Download White Paper!

Digitization of Business


We have shifted our offline consumer behaviors to online, using search engines and social networks to help us decide what we want to buy and from whom. This video illustrates how we have all become digital consumers in one way or another through what we call - digitization. Watch Video! 

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