April 18, 2010

Sales Training and Sales Lead Generation - Los Angeles, CA
We always have things to learn when it comes to sales and marketing. You'll find the best sales tips and advice in this resource of valuable information from the pros.
Sales Tips and Advice (10)
Marketers, Listen to Your Sales TeamThe truth is a sales team needs a marketing team and vice versa, but how can both teams work together to benefit the company they support? It's important for marketing departments to understand the challenges that their sales teams encounter, so that they can create tools that are both efficient and effective. It's no longer acceptable to ignore their needs, there has never been a more important time to support them than in today's economy.
Cold Calling Secret Alternative to Using Sales ScriptsWhat if there was another way that you could connect with people on the phone without using a cold calling sales script? Would you be open to it or would you prefer to stick with the way your selling on the phone now?
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Increase Sales by Changing Two VariablesSales is about personalized and valuable service. You can increase your sales by just changing two variables; the perception you create and the effort you put forth. Here are five tips that will help you in changing both of those variables and in return increase your sales.
Passion as a Sales ToolPassion is the most underrated and underutilized sales tool in our arsenal because it is too hard to measure and no one has found an effective way to teach it. Learn how you can measure your level of passion and in return increase your sales and customer satisfaction.
How to Make Cold Calling Opportunities out of Voice MailsVoicemail is a salesperson's worst nightmare. How can you get beyond them? Learn how you can turn voice mails into a cold calling journey of discovery in this guest article by Ari Galper.
How to End the Cold Calling Game of Chasing a SaleDid you know that when you stop chasing the sale, you’ll be truly surprised at how often the sale gently awaits. The problem is most sales professionals are not sure how to stop the game. Guest author Ari Galper shows you how to stop the chasing game in four easy.
No More Cold Calling Selling Scripts? 5 Ways to Be Yourself AgainIf you’ve been selling for a while, chances are you’ve been asked to use sales scripts to make cold calls. And even if you feel scripts are unnatural and impersonal, you’ve probably used them anyway because they were the only way you knew to start a conversation with prospects. Learn how to be yourself and throw away those cold calling scripts.
Throw Out Your "Selling" LanguageIt's ironic that most of us take it for granted that spontaneous, natural communication is the right way to relate to our friends, spouses, relatives, and others in our personal lives -- but, when it comes to selling, our language becomes, almost robotic. Learn how to throw out your "selling" language and get more results from your natural voice in this guest article by Ari Galper.
You, Too, Can be a SalespersonDo you want to be good at sales? Guest author C.J. Hayden shows how to close more deals by being direct, authentic, and unattached to the outcome.
7 Ways to Get to the Truth: When the Sale "Disappears" Your so close to closing the deal and making that sale, then all of a sudden the prospect is gone. He won't return phone calls, email, or any of your communication. Guest author Ari Galper shows you how to abandon the salesperson role and learn the truth about your prospect's situation. A must read for anyone in sales.
Sales Therapy 101: Breaking Your Fear of Cold CallingLearn how to break the fear of cold calling in this guest article written by Ari Galper of Unlock the Game.
How to Beat “the 80/20 Rule” in Sales PerformanceThe vast majority of salespeople produce a FRACTION of what top performers on the very same sales teams produce. What are the reasons behind these performance disparities? What is it about top sales performers that enables them to achieve superior results? Can ANYONE achieve top performance in sales? Learn what you can do to beat the 80/20 rule when it comes to the sales performance your sales staff.
Email Marketing - 7 Pitfalls of Using Email to SellIs your email marketing working? If not, take a few moments to review the 7 Pitfalls of Using Email to Sell by guest author Ari Galper and find out what you could be doing wrong.
7 Ways to Stop "Selling" and Start Building RelationshipsAre your sales decling? Have you hit a rut? Perhaps you are backsliding into old ways of thinking about selling that can be leading you down the wrong path with potential clients. Learn the 7 Ways to Stop "Selling" and Start Building Relationships in this guest article by Ari Galper.
Writing For Business - Marketing Materials That SellMarketing professionals often make the mistake of writing material that emphasis the business background and brand rather than the benefits that a company offers. This creates a challenge when these materials are given to the a sales team as collateral. Learn how to create marketing materials that sell.
Cold Calls: Get Your Butt On the Phone!Are you avoiding making those cold calls to market your business? Guest author Audrey Burton shows you a new approach to an activity that is often dreaded. Learn how selling over the telephone can increase your business.
Sales Training: Success Formula for Making Cold CallsMaking cold calls can be frightening, especially when you are first starting out. Below are some techniques that will help you in becoming more confident before you pick up that telephone.
Courting Sales Prospects From Introduction to EngagementIncrease the number of sales that you successfully close by courting your prospect from introduction to engagement.
Marketing vs. Sales: What is the Difference?Marketing is everything that you do to reach and persuade prospects. The sales process is everything that you do to close the sale and get a signed agreement or contract. However it's not uncommon for a company to be unbalanced when it comes to these two ingredients of business success. Are you effectively integrating your marketing and sales process?
Increase Sales by Solution-PositioningThe key to keeping your marketing efforts effective is to focus on selling the solution to the problem not selling the features or benefits. Find out how companies are benefiting from listening to their target markets pain points.
Myths of Sales ProspectingSales prospecting done right can have a huge impact on your sales revenue. It does not take great courage to deal with the fear of rejection during prospecting. Just an open mind to challenge the old school of sales and the myths of prospecting. Fantastic article by Small Business Guide Darrell Zahorsky.
Sales and Selling - Convert Sales Leads No business can survive without sales. Hone your selling skills and convert more of your sales leads with these resources about selling and sale techniques. A great library of tips by About's Small Business: Canada Guide that will help you increase your sales.
Sales Strategy for Competitive AdvantageIn today's economy, big and small businesses are seeking every opportunity to win sales through competitive advantages. Smart small business owners know a sales strategy can create a competitive advantage.
Women in SalesTwoSalesGirls, is a company that unites professional women in sales and business to help empower and motivate them using innovative podcasts, weekly sales tips, seminars and a good dose of positive motivation. We work to provide professional women with the resources they need to take their careers to the next level. A great resource for women in sales.

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