September 29, 2009

Here are Three Sales Rep Radio Podcast Links

“Networking on Steroids” By Joe Guertin

Joe Guertin "The Alliance, or 'networking on steroids' is where I will develop a networking group, but it won't be something I do in my spare time. It will be something that I work to really cultivate, just as I would cultivate an account list."

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"Success Using CRM" by Walter Rogers from Sales Rep Radio by

"The thing to really think about when you look at a CRM is what it can do for you, not what it can do against you. If you take a completely different view at CRM and view it as an enablement product instead of as a “Big Brother” system, all the sudden your mind will open up and you’ll start to see ways you can streamline your workflow."

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"Differentiate and Connect" by Tony Martin from SalesRepRadio by

"It's an incredibly competitive marketplace today, and it's only getting more competitive. The margin of victory is increasingly small and most sales people lack a sales process that matches the natural buying process that nearly all buyers follow."

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