September 13, 2009

LinkedIn Guide – LinkedIn Training Guide and LinkedIn Tips

This presentation explains the Top Linkedin Tips that will enhance your ability to generate sales leads from one of the most popular networking websites, LinkedIn. This top 10 Linkedin guide and LinkedIn tips are a must component of using Linkedin as a powerful business tool. Use this Linkedin training guide to maximize the potential for massive lead generation, increased sales, and increased income. This presentation should be a key component of your Linkedin optimization success strategy. Visit to view the slides for more information. The presentation can also be see on the WSI Quality Solutions Blog page.

Here are the slide posts.

LinkedIn Guide – LinkedIn Training Guide and LinkedIn Tips - Presentation Transcript
1. Achieve Lead Generation SuccessTop 10 Features You Need To KnowTwitter/ContactWSI – LinkedIn/in/greggtowsley – YouTube/ContactWSI – Facebook/Towsley
2. Top Ten LinkedIn FeaturesBuilding Your Profile‘Niche’ WordsUpdating StatusJoin TopLinked.comAsk Questions & Answer QuestionCreate and Answer PollsUpdate Profile OftenCreate and Join GroupsAdd Contact Every DayUse LinkedIn Widgets
3. Build a Killer Profile
o 100% Profile Completeness
o Set Public Profile Settings
o Edit Contact Setting
o Import Existing Contacts (Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail)
o Be Interesting!
4. Niche Words
o Be Searchable
o What keyword would people to find me?
o Populate Headline and Past Experience w/ ‘Niche Words’
5. Update Your Status
o Promote Events
o Promote Seminar/Webinar
o Post News Articles
o Promote Blogs
o Place You Are Traveling
o Ask Compelling Questions
6. Join TopLinked
o Visit
o Join TopLinked LinkedIn Group
o Expand Your Network
7. Questions Answers & PollsBecome and Expert and Trusted Resource
8. Update Profile
o Stay Top of Mind
o Test Headlines
o Change Picture Regularly
9. Join Groups
o Start Your Own Group
o Listen to the Conversation
o Post Comments
o Attract High Quality People
to your Network
10. Add Contacts Everyday
o Add Contacts Tool
o Search Link Minded Professionals
o Connect in Groups
o Past Colleagues
o 2nd Tier Connections
o Monitor Your Network Status
11. LinkedIn Widgets/Applications
o Connect Your Blog
o Add Presentation
o Add Video
o Update Your Reading List
o Import Your Travel Schedule
12. About Us

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