July 11, 2009

Sales Lead Generation From The Sales Lead Experts
You Will NOT Believe What You do NOT Know!!! Trust Us

Sale people constantly struggle with keeping the sale pipeline full. Did you know the following sales lead generation statistics. This is from the podcast (strongly suggest you subscribe) you subscribe. You can listen to it while you do your windshield time. For those of you that do not know what windshield time is, it is the time you spend in the car driving to appointments. Here is a quick tip from the local search marketing experts WSI on how to subscribe to podcasts and how to use RSS feed to learn more about sales lead generation/keeping the pipe line full. There is a product called Google Reader http://www.google.com/reader. This is an RSS Feed Reader and it is easy to use. When you come across good information on the web, you can add the RSS feed to your Google Reader. It will save you a lot of time, everything you like on the web is in Google Reader and it is constantly being update with new information. Almost all popular website have an RSS feed where you can subscribe to the content. (blog, website update, podcast) You can get this feed on your smart phone, ipod or any other device of your choice.

Back to sales lead generation and keeping the sales pipeline full. Did you know or think about these sales statistics.

Research shows;

--->3 out of 4 people (new fresh sale leads) buy more long term than short term, they may not be ready to buy now
--->1 in 4 new leads that you get buy within 6 months from your 1st sales contact
--->3 out of 4 of your new sales leads buy in 6 months or later (this is after your 1st sales contact)
--->2 out of 4 new leads (half of your lead) buy after 1 year of your 1st contact
--->¼ (one forth) of your new sales leads that you or your sales marketing team generation (sales leads) buy after 1.5 years later

Think about it!! Go back to your Email, Sales Lead Generation CRM, or Old Sales Pipeline. Here is a sales lead generation tip, use WSI Email Marketing to stay in regular contact with friends, associates, colleagues, prospects, suspects, everyone!

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