June 30, 2009

Social Media For Sales Professionals - Sales Training on Social Media for Sales Professionals
We are always looking for good sales training videos, sales tips, and sales training tools. Jeffrey Gitomer and his sales team are always there with great content. He is the one of the best in the business. We enjoy is professionalism, humor, and marketing abilities. If you like some of his sales training, he is an author whose books have helped over a million sales people improve their sales careers as well as their lives. Here Jeffrey speaks about Social Media Marketing and the new new wave of social media marketing website like Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook. How social are you? How big are your networkers? How can social media help you engage others and drive sale?

Employers and sales managers are going to ask you how big is your social network and how many people can you reach through your social mediaconnections, social networking, and email list. Obviously, this is becoming more and more important for sales professionals and businesses. We ask you (sale professional), how are you embracing social media?

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