May 14, 2009

Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads and Boost Sales!

Here are some bullets about using Linkedin to grow your business. LinkedIn is a great tool to connect to your target market, generate leads locally and nationally, and drive sales! Set up your LinkedIn Lead Generation platform today.
  1. Litter your LinkedIn profile with your keywords.
  2. Your current experience is the most important part of your keywords.
  3. Headline equally important part of LinkedIn profile; spent time to think about what you want to say to distinguish yourselve.
  4. Add keywords right after your name in LinkedIn profile.
  5. Update your status daily to stay in front of your connections.
  6. Get connected to to increase your connections from 1000's to 1000000's.
  7. Post questions and answer questions to develop expertise.
  8. Join LinkedInGroups that are the target audience that you are targeting.
  9. Create your own group and be recognized as a leader and connect with other leaders of your target market.

Connect with us on LinkedIn and stay tuned for our next LinkedIn Sales Training and Lead Generartion training platforme.

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