May 06, 2009

Sales Training Tip - Tips for Sales People, Sales Training and Sales Lead Generation - Los Angeles and Manhattan Beach

Here are two common sense tips which are constantly over looked and not followed by all sales people. Follow these two things and you are guaranteed to close more sales. It in inevitable!

1. Be Accessible - Everyone is busy, make sure your clients customers can get a hold of you on a moment’s notice. It might see aggressive, although, this is peace of mind for your prospect who is spending a lot of money with you and your product.
2. Make it easy for your clients to buy from you. In the sales cycle, unexpectedly, they might be ready to buy from you. Always be ready and make it easy for them.

Do you have your top two tip, share them with us on the comments below. To your success! Reading materials: Sandler Submarine Selling Book on Sales Leads

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