April 25, 2009

Sales Training and Lead Generation Tools
Lead Generation Tools and Websites

Here is a short list of the top lead generation website. In a later post, we are going to expand on how to use these tools effectively to generate leads. The internet is the perfect platform for sales people to generate sales leads. If you are looking in the right area, you can find any company, any person at that company, and information on the person. Therefore, the cold call is dead. Here is a short list of the top sales lead generation website. Post a comment to share how you use these tools.

  1. http://search.twitter.com/ (type in your target keyword or company, this is a real live conversation going on right now, very powerful)
  2. http://www.linkedin.com/ (need I say more, search compnay name, find your contact, call them) - Stay tuned, we are going to put some great tips on how you can use linked to sell millions of dollars of products. Linkedin is a sales lead generation machine. As a sales person, LinkedIn is GOLD.
  3. http://www.jigsaw.com/ (add contacts and take contacts)

Post your favorite tool and explain how you use it.

Here is to your Sales Lead Genereation Success!
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