March 14, 2009

What is your Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Understand the best way to Generate Leads!

Let’s think for a minute, how does your company develop leads? Here are some of the things you are probably doing for lead generation; tradeshows, seminars, buying email lists, cold calling, telemarketing, yellow pages, newspaper advertising, TV, etc. There is a better way! Watch video and read on.

This is a hilarious viral video on inbound marketing from CEO Brian Halligan and his team at Hub Spot, . Brain calls the above list of lead generation techniques, “interruption marketing”. The average person is getting tired of these interruptions. Interruption marketing worked before in the past, although, things have changed and there is a better way! Inbound marketing is using the internet for lead generation to boost sales.
People are searching for your products and services. They will find YOU or your competition. Some of the techniques mentioned in the video are blogging, social bookmarking, RSS feeds, Twitter, landing pages optimization, link building, etc. These techniques can be categorized as Search Marketing and Internet Advertising specifically, content marketing. Content marketing is establishing your website as thought leader and/or industry expert. The internet is a wonderful platform to distribute and share a message to drive inbound leads which is called, inbound marketing!


mrktg said...

These successful marketing seminarsusually include guest speakers and a few extra presenters, so you are very likely to learn about some new authors or some new courses that you were not aware of previously. You definitely leave a motivational seminar with a ton of new knowledge.

Gregg Towsley said...

Dear Street Fighter Marketing,

Thanks for the comment. I check out your site and it looks like you have some comprehensive marketing programs.

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