February 22, 2009

Keep Your Sales Team Productive in a Recession
Selling in a Recession Can Be Challenging

Following the last post, on how to motivate sales people this post and list bullets below are key aspects you need to focus on when selling in a recession. Keeping your sales team in a motivated and productive in a recession can be a huge challenge. It make sense to focus on the below points, it can be the difference between survival or closing your doors. Selling in a recession is a perfect time to focus and get back to the basics.

  • Focus on your value strategy and stay laser focused on client value.
  • Remember, clients are looking for every inch of value in their purchases.
  • Traditional pipeline management metrics don't work when selling in a recession, focus on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th level of opportunity qualification.
  • Go the extra mile for every new opportunity, get higher level members of your company (CEO, CTO, CIO) involved is sales opportunities. Make client visits with your higher level team members.
  • Make sure you are selling to the right person. Buying decisions are now made higher level executives because of tighter budgets in a recession.
  • Don't cut prices which cut your margin. It will put you out of business. Look at Circuit City and the Auto Industry. Protect your margin.
  • Try adding extra services to your product offering• Control your emotions. Selling in a recession can be an emotional roller coaster and sales people are very passionate.
  • Be nimble and act quickly to customer and prospect requests

Selling in a recession can be challenging, keep your chin up and remember to have fun. Contact us for sales training and lead generation. - 310-909-8835 - http://www.contactwsi.com/

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