June 28, 2006


The concept behind an application that leverages the SOA paradigm is that multiple systems and processes can re-use modular software components to create composite application processes.

This offers many exciting benefits:  including reducing the level of work - and re-work - associated with building redundant components of multiple applications.  It also centralizes ownership and control for specific application modules within larger IT organizations.

But with any "centralization" paradigm, SOA introduces a new level of IT and business risk into the software development equation.   Quality and Performance validation must now account for the "single-point-of-failure" concern from leveraging shared systems.  In addition, change and configuration management has become significantly more complicated.

While Mercury's Quality Center and Performance Center software suites have addressed this emerging market for sometime, you will see some exciting new features and product announcements around this paradigm. 

In fact, Mercury started the year off with a bang:  announcing recent acquisition of Systinet.   (read the press release).  WIth this acquisition, Mercury now offers a SOA governance solution which helps manage change, control, and registry of SOA systems.   Combined with Mercury's optimization centers, we offer an unparalleled solution for managing SOA systems. 

SOA is here to stay... and Mercury is aligned to ensure success. 

...watch this space!


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