May 14, 2005

Gardner Report
IT organizations are focusing on aligning IT with the business. Application quality ecosystems are necessary ingredients to effectively transform the IT organization. One vendor, Mercury, dominates the market.
What You Need to Know
As IT aligns with the business and focuses on technology as an enabler, enterprises need to assess their overall maturity and approach to how quality is built into applications. Organizations must undergo a transformation to align IT and the business and deliver applications that meet budget, schedule and quality. Use a combination of products from a variety of vendors to deliver the application quality ecosystem.
Strategic Planning Assumption(s)
Mercury will retain at least 50 percent of the market share in the application quality ecosystem market through year-end 2007 (0.8 probability).
The notion of what quality means, how much it is valued and how it is implemented is in the process of undergoing a far-reaching transformation. In 2004, many IT organizations began putting "quality first" in their mission statements. In light of this transformation, we have reassessed our Distributed Testing Magic Quadrant and expanded its purpose so that the products and market it covers is now known as the Application Quality Ecosystem Magic Quadrant. (For a further discussion of this market, see "The Application Quality Ecosystem Market Introduced.") Vendors in the Application Quality Ecosystem Magic Quadrant (see Figure 1) deliver products that integrate at various points of the application life cycle and primarily focus on developer (white box) testing or quality assurance (black box) activities. Here, we discuss the Leaders and Challengers in the market. A discussion of the Niche Players appears in "Magic Quadrant for Application Quality Ecosystem, 2005: Niche Players."

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